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ELA/Math (Public School)

Who takes this test?

The ELA/Math exam is an annual assessment of language arts and mathematics abilities of NY State public school students in grades three through eight.

What does this test measure?

Students take the ELA and Math exams to assess their mastery of the Common Core Standards, created as part of an initiative to standardize language arts comprehension and math skill development throughout the country.

What is on this test?

The ELA section tests your child’s ability to interpret informational text, literary text and their capacity to write short answer responses and essays in response to these given texts. The Mathematics section tests general concepts which differ depending on your child’s grade.

How is this test administered?

Students are automatically registered for the exams through their schools. Testing typically takes place in group settings and extends three days for each exam. In 2014, the ELA exam is scheduled from April 1st-3rd; the Math exam is scheduled from April 30th-May 2nd.

How is this test scored?

For each exam, a student receives a Scale Score, a Performance Level score and an Overall State Percentile Rank. The Scale Score is determined by the number of points a student earns on the test; this number is on a scale so the results can be compared to previous years’ scores. Students are then assigned a Performance Level based on their scale score. There are four performance levels: NYS Level 1, NYS Level 2, NYS Level 3 and NYS Level 4. NYC students need to score a performance Level 2 on both the ELA and Math exams to be promoted to the next grade. Lastly, the Overall State Percentile Rank compares a student’s score to the rest of the students who took the same exam in the same year.

ELA/Math 1-on-1 Tutoring

At-home or in-office; no minimum session requirement

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ELA/Math 1-on-1 Achievement Package (& Science!)

In-home or in-office; includes initial diagnostic & 60-minute sessions

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ELA/Math Class

In-office; includes 8 classes; begins week of February 2nd

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ELA/Math Online Tutoring

Conducted via online video; no minimum session requirement

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