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Admissions Consulting

Bright Kids will help you navigate the NYC School Admissions process for independent schools, public schools, gifted & talented programs and Manhattan public schools. As a former McKinsey consultant with a Harvard MBA, Ms. Bige Doruk (Founder & CEO of Bright Kids) can assist any family who needs help with admissions.


Bige has worked with 10,000+ families in the last 11 years and has successfully placed many families  into top private and public schools. Her three children are in some of the best public and private schools in the city - and she can help you achieve the same result. In addition, her team of consultants work closely with her to assist however possible. Many are admissions officers, interviewers, and teachers at top schools.


Unlike other companies, Bright Kids accepts no more than a handful clients each year so we can focus our energy on a select group of children. Not only will your child get all the help they need for admissions test prep, but parents receive our full attention, too.​

How It Works:

Getting your child a coveted seat in a top school is about selling your story and building a strong case for you and your family that separates you from the rest. We will help you put together your story to ensure the highest success of your child!

 Step 1: Create Your Story 

Based on your initial interview with us and our additional online research, we'll put together an “initial assessment” of your family to help you create your story. This will be the foundation for your application that will be articulated to schools.

If you are early enough in the admissions process, or started this at least one year ahead of the admissions year, we will be able to create an immediate list of actionable items.  We also work with PR firms and SEO companies to ensure that your online reputation  matches your application.

 Step 2: Build a Comprehensive School List 

Based on the school choices listed in your application, we'll put together a comprehensive list of schools that includes your top choices, as well as other safe, reputable, recommended schools.


We have found over the years that many families sometimes change their mind about certain schools on their original list after they visit them on a tour.

 Step 3: Essay Support & Editing 

Private schools require that applicants and families submit essays as part of the application process. We have a team of writing professionals who will ensure that your essays are well-written and in line with what's expected from private schools.


**This is where we spend a bulk of our time, so we can ensure that your child stands out from the general applicant pool!

 Step 4: Parent Interview Training 

Family interviews carry significant weight in the private school admissions process - including Kindergarten Admissions.  Applying for older grades requires a more detailed academic history for your child - thus, a more balanced application is needed. Regardless of your child's grade of entry, we conduct mock interviews with parents to assist with your responses and ensure that the admissions officers see the value of welcoming your family into the community. 

 Step 5: Child Testing & Interview Prep 

We'll help your child get ready for their school admissions interview, as well as any associated tests. Your child will take an initial assessment and be enrolled in 1:1 tutoring sessions to ensure that they have the necessary skills to do well in 1:1 interviews, group playdates, and on admissions exams.


Our curriculum team will create the materials necessary based on your child's assessment results and our teachers will ensure that they are ready to succeed in all fronts.

 Step 6: Waitlist Support 

We'll help you navigate through any waitlist situations that you encounter and help you understand what it involves and how to differentiate between the “real” waitlists vs. "general courtesy" waitlists.  


Many of our clients do get off the waitlist, and there is a way to approach this process that results in the highest probability of success.

Interested in Admissions Consulting?

Please fill out our inquiry form if you are interested in working with us!

Our process starts with a quick “get to know you” video call to begin to understand your needs and if our services will be an ideal match.


We select very few families so if you are interested in admissions for the 2022-23 school year, please contact us immediately.

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