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Anderson Middle School Test Prep in NYC


The Anderson School will select a pool of applicants who have demonstrated a very strong performance in school (see initial eligibility on website), as shown by their fourth grade report card, excellent attendance, punctuality, and fourth grade NYS ELA and Mathematics test scores - as reported to us by the Department of Education. 

The Anderson School plans to test approximately 400 students based upon the following initial eligibility rubric.


Students are assigned a time to take the test each year in February.  There is also a make-up test that’s offered. Students are given 2 hours to complete the test but are not required to sit the full 2 hours.


Test Structure

The admissions test is not a standardized test; it is a test written by our teachers, similar to a midterm classroom exam, consisting of a writing assignment and a math assessment. There are no multiple choice sections. 


The test is an advanced test that consists of a writing piece as well as above grade level math assessment that requires high level critical thinking skills.


Students will be offered a total of two hours to complete the test, although they may leave when they are done. There will be no interview. Please do not have your child bring a portfolio.


All NYC public middle schools who have a screening process, must submit their ranked list of choices from their applicant lists to the DOE's Enrollment Office by the middle of February. The Enrollment Office will conduct the matching between the schools' choices and the students' choices and will match students to their highest choice based on the student's rankings and the order that the schools ranked their candidates.

Anderson's list will be generated by the results of the onsite test (75%) and the Initial Eligibility Score (25%), which includes the student's NYS 4th grade ELA and Math test scores, and the information provided on the student's 4th grade report card. This list will be provided to the DOE's Enrollment Office, from which admissions offers will be made. Students who are not offered a seat at Anderson for the sixth grade may be placed on a ranked wait list, determined by the school, that will remain in effect for both sixth grade and seventh grade admissions.

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