Reading + Writing Tutoring:

Bright Kids offers reading and writing tutoring designed to help students in elementary school through middle school develop the language skills they will need in the classroom and beyond. We aim to help students learn independently and think critically, absorb information, and enjoy the pleasures of reading. Our highly experienced ELA tutors strive to help students reach their full potential, instilling a strong understanding of reading and writing skills that can be applied to their school work and beyond. Sessions can be accommodated at home, or in one of our office locations.


​Reading tutoring ensures development of your elementary aged child's ability to sound out words, build a diverse vocabulary, and master spelling. Our writing tutoring serves students in any grade level work on their ability to express themselves academically and artistically. We can work on spelling, grammar, critical and creative writing to ensure your student is both confident and able to meet the challenges of reading and writing at school.


Parents can communicate with our account management team throughout with any specific questions or concerns, and can access session reports online to keep track of what has been covered in sessions. In 60 minute private sessions, our team can revisit reading or writing content covered in school to check for any knowledge gaps, or help your student be ahead of the game for the next school year.


​Call our offices at (646) 434-1084 with any questions, or register for a general enrichment program here. ​

Elementary School Reading + Writing

At a young age, children exposed to language begin to recognize the connection words have to their daily life. The ability to read sets the stage for elementary school students to learn independently, absorb information, and enjoy the pleasures of reading. In these early years, your child will begin the pivotal transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." This can only happen with a strong understanding of reading basics, including phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.

Reading tutoring ensures development of your elementary aged child's ability to sound out words, build a diverse vocabulary, and master spelling. Continuing to work with a reading tutor in the later years of elementary school is equally as beneficial, providing guided support to build skills such as reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, word meaning, and the ability to form opinions after reading a story.

Middle School Reading + Writing

When students reach middle school, they will encounter a new set of demands both inside and outside of the classroom. The demands in school come in the form of more challenging homework assignments, tests, quizzes, and more. Because of this, the help of a reading tutor may be necessary to keep your child up to speed.

Middle school reading builds upon the foundation set in elementary school, requiring a greater range and complexity of vocabulary words, the need for a deeper understanding and comprehension of literary and scientific texts, and the ability to use context to gather meaning. For both strong readers and struggling readers alike, reading tutoring programs offer a unique opportunity to master reading and related skills to be successful as they advance throughout the school year.

Middle school is often the right time for students to work with a reading tutor, as high school and college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT sit just on the horizon.

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