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Education Assistant

(Admin & Tutoring Services)

Education Assistants are in the unique position to see our test preparation process unfold from both the administrative and the tutorial perspectives. The ideal candidate will help to facilitate the distribution of session materials and session feedback, as well as help students prepare for their exams in a 1:1 setting. This individual will also have the initiative to take on and collaborate on various projects as they arise. This is an opportunity to gain extensive administrative and teaching experience in a fun work environment!

NYC Tests Include:

G&T (NNAT/OLSAT), Stanford-Binet, AABL, ECAA, CogAT, SCAT, ISEE (Primary and Lower Level), CTP, Common Core ELA/Math, ISEE (Mid- and Upper Level), SSAT, Specialized Middle School, Hunter High School, SHSAT, and more.


  • Working with Education Coordinators to prepare in-house-created tutoring materials for sessions

  • Working with and instructing students during in-office sessions

  • Greeting clients and discussing a student's progress with his/her parents

  • General office and tutoring room maintenance

  • Other administrative tasks and projects as needed

Essential Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant Education field

  • Excellent communication skills, mature interpersonal style, and the ability to interact with a diverse range of people, strong teamwork skills

  • Deep self-motivation and the ability to self-manage

  • A strong sense of curiosity and independence that makes you seek out your own answers and try new things first

  • Proficiency with Google Team Drives and Chrome

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