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Homeschool Services

The ABC'S of Homeschooling

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to homeschool your child? With its richness of museums, concert halls, architecture, and parks, New York City is one of the best classroom in the world! But for many families, figuring out how to homeschool can be challenging.  Bright Kids has teachers who have been homeschooling children for years and know the process inside-out.  


Whether your child is an inspiring athlete who needs flexibility or just needs a more advanced curriculum , we can make it happen for you. We are an “all in” agency for homeschooled children: We will submit all the paperwork on your behalf and create the curriculum you want (as long as it is within DOE’s guidelines).  While New York has regulations on what subjects you need to cover, they have no guidelines regarding what curriculum to use. Since NY law requires families to not only keep a log of educational activities but to participate in annual evaluations in specific years, you’ll want to make sure that your curriculum choices will adequately prepare you for these requirements.

We will ensure that the curriculum covers the most important bases such as:

- Standards-based lessons and assessments that meet/ exceed New York City’s homeschooling requirements (governed at state level)
- Individual learning paths that meet each child’s specific needs
- Automated grading and record-keeping 
- Built-in lesson plans for easy set up and organization 


The Process

STEP 1: Submit a homeschooling letter of intent to the NYC DoE Office of Homeschooling by July 1st or within 14 days of starting to homeschool if you start midyear. Submit an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) by Aug 15 (or within 4 weeks if you start homeschooling midyear).​


STEP 2: Choose the best homeschool curriculum mix that will cover the required subjects in New York.  We'll help you choose the right curriculum based on you and your child’s needs.

STEP 3: Maintain attendance records for each child in your homeschool showing equivalent instruction of 180 days/year and 900 hours (K-6) or 990 hours (7-12). Our teachers can easily do this for you.


STEP 4: Submit student(s) annual assessments with their final quarterly report. In NYC, that paperwork is filed with the Director of the Central Office of Homeschooling (Address: 333 Seventh Avenue, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001). We can also do this for you.

New York City homeschooling requirements are governed at the state level. For more information on the above requirements, explore the homeschool laws of New York State here!

Homeschool Costs

Homeschool costs are based on the hourly rate of the tutor conducting the classes. While we do not charge extra for paperwork, we may ask you to purchase materials and books, depending on your needs.


Field trips, as well as other activities such as online technology courses and PE, must be organized by the family unless agreed upon differently with Bright Kids at the beginning of the set-up process.

Please contact us for homeschool pricing and availability!

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