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Part-Time Teacher

(Tutoring Services)

Part-Time Teachers support our tutorial operations and engage directly our clients. The ideal candidate will have a strong educational background and will use their pedagogical knowledge to help students prepare for their exams in a 1:1 setting. This individual will also have the initiative to take on and collaborate on various administrative projects as they arise. Extensive training and ongoing development opportunities will be provided. Graduate education students preferred, but not required.

NYC Tests Include:

G&T (NNAT/OLSAT), Stanford-Binet, AABL, ECAA, CogAT, SCAT, ISEE (Primary and Lower Level), CTP, Common Core ELA/Math, ISEE (Mid- and Upper Level), SSAT, Specialized Middle School, Hunter High School, SHSAT, and more.


  • Working with Pre-K through 8th grade students during in-office sessions

  • Researching New York City and nationwide exams

  • Greeting clients and discussing a student's progress with his/her parents

  • Reviewing and editing session reports

  • Other administrative tasks and projects as needed

Essential Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant Education field required

  • Teaching/tutoring experience - preferably with younger students

  • Excellent communication skills, mature interpersonal style, the ability to interact with a diverse range of people, strong teamwork skills

  • Ability to multi-task & work in a fast-paced environment

  • IT & PC savvy, as all our systems are electronically-based

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