Spring Skill Builders: How These Sessions Can Benefit Your Child

March 23, 2015

Bright Kids offers a program called “Skill Builders” every spring for the Gifted and Talented, Stanford Binet, and Private School entrance exams. Rather than diving right into the content that is seen on the exams, one-on-one Skill Builder sessions help give children a strong foundation and basis that allows them to better understand how to approach actual test questions. Many children have not been exposed to the rigor and difficulty of these exam questions prior to their first time seeing them, so having a strong foundation will help them to excel even more.

This year, Bright Kids has re-vamped our Skill Builder program, and we are very excited about the new additions that will help students have an even more thorough understanding of core concepts. Our curriculum team has worked diligently to create custom materials and even custom texts for the students to read and analyze.

Families who are looking to start G&T prep now would especially benefit from the Skill Builder one-on-one sessions to help give them a head start and wonderful precursor to the challenges of prepping for the G&T exam. Bright Kids does not offer regular G&T sessions until September, so the Skill Builder program is highly recommend to get started in the mean time.

To register for our Skill Builder Bootcamps, please visit brightkidsportal.com/registration




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