Which NYC Schools Utilize the KRT and the AABL?

April 7, 2015

Have you heard of the KRT (Kindergarten Readiness Task)? It’s a very brief assessment that lasts only 5-7 minutes and is administered on an iPad. These assessments, which are used for entrance into a number of NYC Kindergarten programs, test a child’s cognitive ability in various areas such as attention, impulse control, and cognitive flexibility. The exam is considered to be “content-free” and does not depend on knowledge of specific topics or a child’s vocabulary.

The Independent School Admission Association of Greater New York has been working with a team of expert researchers to assess  a child’s individual strengths via the KRT. For the 2014-2015 school year, the KRT is in its pilot program, so the child’s results will not be shared with parents, nor will they be used as a means for admission into any of the participating programs. Moving forward, the KRT will be administered to the children during one of their play-group visits. Researchers will then maintain the assessments and share the results with all other NYC participating programs (in a confidential manner), so the child will only have to take the assessment once.


Below is a list of participating schools:

Berkely Carroll
Cathedral School of St. John
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Poly Prep
Saint David’s

In contrast, the AABL exam has actually been revamped in the past year. Similar to the KRT, it is also administered on an iPad and is designed to assess math and literacy skills. The good news is that the test is much more affordable for families, costing $65 as compared to the previous rate of $568. This large drop in price is due to the fact that the exam is administered via iPad and not by an actual proctor.

The AABL is both an ability and achievement exam. It is quite rigorous, and focuses on a number of different skills, such as letter, number, and shape recognition, knowing letter sounds and rhymes, as well as arithmetic such as adding, subtracting, and counting.


Below  is a list of participating schools:

Horace Mann



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