Getting Your Child Accustomed to Testing on an iPad

May 30, 2015

This day and age, kids are becoming more and more tech savvy, even more so than their parents. With tablets, computers, and smart phones-a-plenty, it’s no wonder young children are thriving in such a technical world. That being said, the fact that the AABL (Admissions Test for Beginning Learners) is administered on a tablet may be thrilling to some parents, as kids may envision the test as more so of a fun app. However, for families that do not regularly use tablets, this may come as bad news.


While preparing your child for the content of the exam is crucial for optimum performance, getting a child used to answering on a tablet is equally as important. The AABL is a self-administered exam, where the child sits in a room (either alone or in a small group) and listens to a virtual proctor read each question and answer choice to them via headphones. It is up to the child to choose their answer by utilizing the touch screen of the tablet.


In order to help your child become used to this new method of testing, look into downloading apps, quizzes, and games that reflect the content of the exam, such as Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Early Literacy, and Mathematics. This will help children get used to touching an answer choice and having questions read to them in a virtual context.

If your family does not own a tablet, many public libraries have a rental service where you can take them out on loan for a set period of time.



To help prepare your child for the AABL, Bright Kids offers custom-tailored AABL sessions in-office, with each room fully equipped with a tablet. These sessions help children get accustomed to both direct test content as well as working on a tablet. We also offer a full-length diagnostic exam that mimics the AABL test for even better practice and exposure. Register today for sessions at!

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