Moving with Young Children in NYC

September 9, 2015


Moving as a single person has challenges regardless if you are relocating to a different borough or just a larger apartment around the block. So, the thought of adding kids to the scenario could cause a full blown panic attack. Usually, knowing about a move far in advance is considered a good thing, but not in this case. The longer you have to stress about moving day with the kids the more your stress level grows. It does not have to be like this. NYC has a lot of great resources to take advantage of. And without a doubt, hiring the right NYC mover helps too. Of course, a few helpful tips will come in handy as well


Visit Ahead of Time


If you are moving within the city then you have a couple advantages. First, you know your way around, so you are able to select a home in a kid-friendly area. Second, there is a good chance you can get the keys before move-in day to take them over there to explore the area. Make plans to try the pizza place on the corner, etc. Give them a reason to get excited.


Essentials Backpack


With a typical move elsewhere in the country, you would likely pack an essentials box with everything everyone needs to get through 24 hours. This would normally get moved in your car. If you are like most New Yorkers, you don't have a car. So, pack one large basic needs essential box to stay with the movers and then pack everyone a backpack of really important things needed and these can be worn on the way there.


Hire Movers


Tackling a self-move in New York City is the absolute last thing you want to do. You don't want to deal with parking three streets over and carrying everything to the building, and then have to deal with stairs (or an elevator if you are lucky). Not to mention, you will need someone extra to watch the kids. This could turn into an all-day event that movers could have had done in a couple hours.


Send the Kids Somewhere Special


Have a babysitter, friend, or relative take the kids for the day. If you have a significant other in the picture, one of you can deal with the move while the other person takes the kids. Find out what programs or events are happening on your moving day, or find a program you know you will love and schedule your move around that day. The branch library closest to you may have an event planned or maybe this is the perfect opportunity to let them take that dance class they have wanted to try. Dance studios are plentiful in the city. A few highly recommended options include American Tap Dance Center, Broadway Dance Center, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dance Wave, and Downtown Dance Factory.


Focus on Education


It is really easy for kids to fall behind on school work during a move. Maybe you are busy, so you stop checking their homework every night, or they are upset about it and not sleeping. If you are switching schools then curriculum becomes your focus during this time. You need to find out if the new school is ahead or behind where your child is for the semester. If the new school is ahead, or if your child's grades are slipping, a tutor or some type of learning program is exactly what they need. Bright Kids will likely have a program that will benefit your child. Bright Kids can also help prepare your child for private school interviews.

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