Kids Coding is the Key to Keeping Learning Fun!

November 25, 2015


Who knew video games and education can make a dynamic duo? Bright Kids NYC intertwines  Minecraft Mods and S.T.E.M. in a new fall course: Build your own Minecraft Mod - Coding w/Minecraft.


The objective of the course is to teach students problem solving skills in a fun way by creating their own Mod in Minecraft. A mod modifies the original Minecraft game and has the ability to alter gameplay.The Mods are created using JavaScript,the well known language of coding.After the students create their Mod, they use it to play the game to assure the Mod works effectively. This gives students the ability to learn essential structure solutions to classify themselves as an Effective “Modder”.

The course encourages students to gain an interest in technology by combining learning strategies in a fun and effective way. Students enjoy their time in the classroom and proceed to ask “Can I do this at home?”. This course is one of many courses that Bright Kids offers for students interested in S.T.E.M. Some of the other courses offered include “Intro to Computer Programming: Create Games and Tell Stories with Scratch”and “Coding with Python“ which allows students to create codes in programing software.Students have the ability to choose from a variety of S.T.E.M. related courses that can possibly benefit students in their future career endeavors. Bright Kids NYC wants to set a new tone of learning by productively incorporating play into the classroom.

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