Spotlight on NYC Private Schools: Avenues

October 18, 2016

Located in Chelsea, Avenues is a private school that believes education is about learning useful habits of the mind and important habits of the heart. Avenues is categorized as a “world school” and has a vision to expand to many different cities in the world in the future. The school aims to be an international school with 20 different campuses all connected by a common vision, shared curriculum, collective professional development of faculty, and modern technology, with the headquarters located in New York City.

The curriculum of Avenues is very rigorous and focuses on qualities, competencies and knowledge necessary to live a meaningful life in an interconnected world. The curriculum focuses on problem- and project-based learning with the intention of cultivating globally minded students.


The lower division of Avenues focuses on creativity, imagination and a love of learning. Each student participates in an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on inquiry, discovery and building engagement. An important staple of education at Avenues is language. In the lower school, students are placed in a Spanish or Chinese immersion track. This language track means that students aren’t just taking a class on that language, but are taking classes such as math, social studies, art, music, reading and writing in two languages. This creates a multilingual environment where students will become fluent in the language early on.


Avenues believes that parental involvement within its lower division is essential. The school is highly communicative with parents through blog posts, calendars and announcements. In addition, Avenues regularly hosts grade-level coffee meetings and speaker events on relevant topics. They also make sure to invite parents into the school periodically during the year. This allows parents to see their children’s work and also for children to have a chance to demonstrate to their parents what they have learned.


There are five steps required when applying to Avenues:

  1. Meet Avenues at an admissions event. There are many different events hosted for prospective families, including introductory events, divisional events and parent coffee meetings. You can register for one of these events on the Avenues website,

  2. Submit an online application and a $60 fee. The application is also found on the Avenues website.

  3. Schedule your school visit. After submitting the application, you must schedule a parent conversation and a student play group. The student play group occurs in a small-group classroom and lasts about 75 minutes.

  4. Submit the school report form. After you submit an application, the form will become available and can be submitted online directly by the current teacher or school director. Avenues accepts the ISAAGNY school report.

  5. Monitor your application status. After your application is complete, you will be contacted regarding your application status.


At Bright Kids, we want to help every step of the way as your child applies to Kindergarten at Avenues. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the application process. We also offer many tutoring packages and publications centered on entry exams. Email with any questions or feel free to call any of our offices.

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