Last-minute DIY Children's Halloween Costume Ideas

October 28, 2016

Chances are your little one has been excitedly planning this year's Halloween costume for months. But just in case the holiday has crept up on you and you're now one hour out from a dress-up party your child has to attend, we've got some quick and easy life-saving costume hacks for you to use this weekend. 


Often, the things you need for a great costume can be found right at home. Here are three simple costumes that were made almost entirely out of office/home supplies and basic clothing: 


1. The Sailor



Prep time: 5 min

What you need: 

  • jeans or khaki pants 

  • navy blue sweater

  • sailor hat

  • red scarf, hand towel, ribbon or construction paper

  • tape


For this look, we first grabbed some blue jeans and a blue wool sweater, pushing the sleeves up above the elbows. We then folded a few sheets of red construction paper into long tube-like pieces and taped them together to create a faux necktie. Last, we topped off the outfit with a cheap sailor hat we found at a local party supply store.


2. The Burglar 


Prep time: 15 min

What you need: 

  • pants

  • white t-shirt

  • black beanie hat

  • black duct tape

  • black construction paper or felt 

  • canvas sack or pillowcase 


To make this costume, we grabbed some jeans and a classic white t-shirt, sticking long strips of black duct tape horizontally across the shirt's torso. Using black construction paper, we cut out a bandit mask, placed it over the eyes and used more duct tape to adhere the mask to the sides of the beanie. An inexpensive money sack was found at a local Halloween store, but this could easily be DIY-ed using a canvas bag or pillowcase with a dollar sign taped onto one side. 


3. The Crayon 


Prep time: 15 min 

What you need: 

  • pants and a shirt or jacket in the same color

  • black duct tape

  • construction paper or felt 

  • black permanent marker 


For our final look, we chose matching clothing found in the home and used coordinating construction paper to print a Crayola logo for the arm (could be made using paper and marker) as well as a cone hat to represent the pointed tip of the crayon (could also be made using felt, if you've got it handy) On both the jacket and hat, we created horizontal black stripes using duct tape to match the classic look of a Crayola crayon. To finish the outfit off, we purchased a fun Crayola crayon candy box from a local Halloween store. 


Got any more ideas for creative last-minute Halloween costumes? Share your tips on our Facebook page or tag us in your photos on on Instagram! Hope you have a spooky Halloween! 

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