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Evaluations & Diagnostics

We offer a variety of diagnostics, assessments, and mock tests for children of all to determine levels of cognitive & academic skills, sub-skills, or to prepare them for school testing.


Diagnostics are administered in order to determine a student’s current level of performance in regards to a number of cognitive and academic skills. The scores from these exams provide a baseline that our staff uses to plan each student’s individualized tutoring curriculum.


Diagnostics are available for all of the exams we prepare for.

During a diagnostic, a student works through test questions similar to the actual exams. The diagnostics are conducted in a 1:1 setting with a exam proctor. They can take place at one of our New York City offices or at your  home.


The exam proctor monitors the student’s testing experience

and notes any test strategies the student should employ in a future testing setting (pacing, process of elimination, etc.).


After the diagnostic is complete and thoroughly analyzed,, parents will receive a score report, which will be posted to the student’s portal page. Parents are welcome to contact their Account Manager to discuss the results and potential next steps!


Assessments are available for students preparing for K-1st grade entry for Gifted and Talented, Stanford Binet, AABL, and Private School Visits. During an assessment, your child works with our learning specialists in a secure, low-stress environment at one of our New York City offices. Your child will work through questions that mimic the format of the actual exam.

More than just assessing what a student knows, our specialists

test your child's sub-skills necessary to be successful, gain an understanding of your child's problem-solving approach and learning style, and evaluate your child's behavior and stamina during the session.

Our objective is to determine your child's strengths and improvement areas in order to create a customized curriculum.

Assessments last anywhere from 45  to 75 minutes, depending on a student’s pace and the test(s) that they are being assessed for. A detailed summary, score report, and recommendations for tutoring is then compiled and posted to your Bright Kids portal page for review.


Parents are welcome to contact their Account Manager to discuss the results and potential next steps!

Mock Tests

Administered by our top educators, a mock test is a great way to prepare for test day and can be taken at any point in the preparation process. We currently offer Mock Tests for NYC Gifted & Talented admissions, NYS Common Core, and ISEE.


Regardless of whether you are prepping with Bright Kids tutors or working on your own at home, mock tests are a great tool to identify your child’s strengths and improvement areas.

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