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In-Office Tutoring: Find Tutoring Center in New York City

We offer in-office tutoring services at our Upper East Side and Downtown NYC office locations. Regardless of the type of tutoring your child needs, almost all of our packages start with an initial diagnostic and are supported by written session reports submitted by tutors after each tutorial session. Materials and student learning levels are adjusted after each session to ensure each child receives a customized curriculum.

1 : 1 Tutoring Bootcamp

Our 1:1 Bootcamp Packages are one of our most valuable services. They include a diagnostic session, tutorial sessions, and at-home study materials.


Our 1:1 Bootcamps are available only for certain types of test preparation and range from 6- to 24-session packages. Each session is 45 minutes long and includes a short debrief with a teacher.


Bootcamp sessions are only available as a package. If you complete your package and wish to add more sessions, additional sessions can be booked at a discounted rate!

Regular Tutoring Sessions

Our regular tutoring sessions are broken down by length and grade level:


-  Pre-K to 4th Grade: 60 minutes per session

- 5th Grade and up: 90 minutes per session


Tutorial options range from 6- to 30-session packages, or can be booked à la carte. Each package starts with a diagnostic session and tutorial sessions are accompanied by a short debrief with the tutor and a written session report.  For certain test preparation types such as ISEE, Hunter High School, SSAT, and SHSAT, homework is assigned.

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