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Elementary School Tests

At Bright Kids, we offer comprehensive preparation for a variety of elementary school tests, ensuring students are well-equipped for both admissions and academic assessments. Our expert tutors provide targeted guidance and support for admissions tests such as the Gifted & Talented Teacher Eval, Stanford-Binet/HCES, Private School T&E Assessment, SSAT, Primary ISEE, and SCAT, enabling students to showcase their abilities and maximize their chances of acceptance into top programs and schools. Additionally, we specialize in preparing students for academic tests like the Common Core and CTP-5, ensuring they have a solid foundation in core subjects and are ready to excel academically.

Admissions Tests

 Gifted & Talented Interview (NYC)

Pre-K teachers now complete an evaluation for students to determine eligibility for the lottery for entrance into NYC DoE Gifted & Talented Schools and Programs.

 Stanford-Binet/ HCES (NYC)

In New York City, children take a modified version of the Stanford-Binet 5 to earn a place in the second round of the admissions process for Hunter College Elementary School (HCES), a tuition-free, gifted school open only to Manhattan residents.

 Private School Evaluations (NYC)

The assessment is called Thinking and Engagement (T&E) and will be administered via Zoom. Most Independent Member Schools will require this assessment for all children applying to Kindergarten.


The SSAT is a required admission test at many of the best independent schools in the world. The SSAT is designed for students in grades 3 through PG and is administered on three levels (Elementary, Middle, & Upper​​).

 Primary ISEE 

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is used in the admissions process for private schools. The Primary ISEE-level test is designed for students entering 2nd - 4th grades. In other words, a first, second, or third grade student would take this test.


The School & College Ability Test is a standardized test used by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) to identify 2nd – 12th graders for their gifted program. This is an “above grade level” test and measures math & verbal reasoning abilities.

Academic Tests

 Common Core 

NY State administers ELA/Literacy and Mathematics Common Core tests intended to provide students, families & educators better measures of student proficiency in the knowledge and skills students need to succeed in college & careers.


Given by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB), the Comprehensive Testing Program is administered to students in private schools as an achievement test. The purpose of CTP is to assess student growth and performance at the time of testing.

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