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Our Approach

We begin with an assessment or diagnostic to determine your student’s strengths and areas of improvement. We then take the results of the assessment to help build a customized curriculum for your student.


Students work with our expert teachers using in-house created materials, which are designed with the test(s) or subject(s) in mind; progress is monitored throughout tutoring using session reports and progress tests!

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Our Experienced Staff

The Bright Kids experienced staff members are here to help you every step of the way! From our account managers who are assigned to meet the needs of each family, to our in-house writers and designers who create tutoring materials and publications for your student, to our​ development team, who is always seeking new and engaging ways to present material to students and parents - we've got you covered!

Our Focus on Technology

 Our focus on technology enables a better understanding of our progress and improvement areas, allowing for confidence in our methods and transparency in our results. We use algorithm-based curriculum development and adjust each week to ensure appropriate materials are given and used in every session.

We also provide an online portal for parents, tutors, and office staff to track student progress.

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