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Academic Tests & Subject Tutoring (NYC)


Maintaining a strong GPA throughout the first semester of their senior year is crucial for high schoolers, especially in subjects like math where concepts progressively build upon each other. To ensure academic success, it is highly recommended to initiate subject tutoring as early as possible, allowing students to solidify their foundational knowledge and excel in their coursework.

Bright Kids provides long term tutoring for students in grades 9-12 for the following subjects:

English (Critical Reading, Writing & Grammar)
Algebra I & II / Trigonometry
Earth Science
US History & Government
Global History & Geography
AP Calculus

High school students are confronted with a range of academic challenges and we understand them. It’s important for high school students to maintain their best possible GPA through the first semester of their senior year. Particularly for subjects like math where the skills build off of each other from year to year, it’s best to start tutoring as early as possible. Our tutors are up-to-speed on the continually evolving New York State curriculum and Regents requirements.

If you don’t see your subject listed above, we can still help. Please contact us!

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