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America's Premier Tutoring, Admissions Consulting and Publications Company

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We Deliver RESULTS.

In the last 11 years, more than 90% of our tutored students have received offers from top schools!

Bright Kids is a full-service tutoring and publications company, specializing in test preparation and subject tutoring.

We focus on a high-quality service, paired with advanced technology, to produce an unforgettable experience.

Our Services

We administer diagnostics, assessments, and mock tests for a variety of grades and exams.

We offer in-office tutoring services at our Upper East Side and Downtown NYC office locations.

Our 1:1 At-Home Tutoring program is the best option for families that value convenience & privacy. 

We offer online tutoring for all ages! Most of our in-person packages can be conducted virtually.

We'll help you navigate NYC school admissions for independent schools, G&T programs, and Manhattan public schools.

We offer workshops for public & private school admissions for key grades of entry (Kindergarten, Middle & High School). We also provide services directly!

We now offer homeschool services for individual families and groups throughout various parts of New York State.

About Us 

Parent Testimonials

"IMHO Bright Kids is the best G&T and general test tutoring operation in New York City.  My child got a 99 on the G&T test and placed into the coveted school spots thanks to Bright Kids operations and books. Likewise he is continuing with them and preparing for future tests for private school. These guys are the best outfit in NYC - hands down!"

— B.P., NYC

"We were extremely happy with this company. They are serious about what they set out to do, that is to prepare your child for an exam. The account managers are very knowledgeable, and the curriculum team really follows your child's progress to ensure that he/she is learning and is being challenged. The motto of the business is simple:  do test prep and do it well, and I have to say that they really live up to their motto!"

— R.R., NYC

"My kids did tutoring & worked with Bright Kids publications. The teachers were great & interacted well with my kids. I also liked the fact that they have their own materials and assessments! I was notified of my children's progress every step of the way. My children got 99% on their tests and got into a top choice school. The customer service was also exceptional."

- L.D., NYC

"My daughter recently took the G&T exam & was prepped like her big sister at Bright Kids. The results were awesome. She received a score in the 99th percentile like her big sister! It was worth every dollar spent for Bootcamp sessions. These tutors were incredibly wonderful with my daughter. The way they interact with your child is always warm, personable, gauged, & highly professional!"

- X.S., NYC

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