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Private School Admissions NYC: How to Maximize Student Acceptance Chances

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Families residing in New York City start their quest for private school admissions early if they want the best opportunities possible for their children. Your unique educational philosophy and goals could very well match with one or more independent schools in the city. When you understand how the application and admissions process works, you have only just begun the journey to educational success. Achieving that level of understanding, however, can be a complicated, anxiety-inducing, and time-consuming process.

For best overall results, it makes sense to start as early as possible in your child’s educational career. Private school admissions in NYC begins at the pre-kindergarten level. If your son or daughter is already above the age of three or four--or if you want to make a change to a different private school later on in their education--learning essential tips and tricks to maximize student acceptance chances is more important than ever before.

Dos and Don'ts of New York Private School Admissions

Maximize the chance of your child being accepted to a top-tier private school through proper research, evaluation, questions, application answers, and private school admissions consulting. The following do's and don'ts of the entire process will help you avoid stumbling blocks or setbacks on the road to a quality education.

Research School Options and Ask Questions

The first question to ask before filling out any admissions application paperwork, writing letters, or contacting administration is whether or not private school is the best option for your child. When you decide against public school, your life quickly becomes both more complicated and more expensive. Still, this decision is one that most parents do not make likely. Knowing why you prefer private school for your child provides the foundation for all the decisions to come.

Unless your family is already associated with a specific school, you should research the available options based on educational philosophy, chance of a positive acceptance, cost, location, and other factors. If your son or daughter is particularly gifted in a specific field or talent like music or math, options become more specific. While this makes the decision process simpler, it does not ease acceptance in most cases.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of the admissions director’s representatives! Knowledge propels you towards success in private school admissions just as much as it will your child throughout their school career.

Evaluate and Represent Your Child Accurately

While every parent may believe their child to be the brightest, most advanced, and most capable, some degree of objectivity will help you make the right educational choices. Also, representing your child accurately will help them to gain admission over those children whose parents hype them up but who fail to follow through with facts. Misrepresentation can lead to poor placements or severe letdowns that can affect both you and your child emotionally.

Tips for Kindergarten Admissions in NYC

Start early if you want to maximize your options and opportunities for private school kindergarten admissions! By the time your child is two years old, you should begin the process of researching nearby schools in NYC and learning their criteria for application acceptance. Every family has a different philosophy about education in general and the expected outcome of both kindergarten and the overall primary school experience. Align your philosophy with that of your chosen school(s) to maximize the benefits. Learn how to get your child accepted in your chosen school to minimize the risk of refusal.

Consider Preschool as a Launch Point

Most children in New York City begin kindergarten around five years old. Since many sons and daughters of working parents attend daycare from infancy, preschool is the next logical step in the educational progression. Private preschools and pre-kindergarten programs may be just as competitive as the independent kindergartens themselves. In fact, many tend to accept legacy families and siblings of existing students more than brand-new ones.

Private kindergartens associated with these pre-K schools allow for or prefer a continuous flow of students from one to the other. Therefore, it may help to start the application early with preschool if you want your child to attend a specific kindergarten.

The Thinking and Engagement Assessment

A collective of NYC private kindergartens administer the Thinking and Engagement Assessment (T & E Assessment) to prospective applicants. This online assessment is available for four- and five-year-olds and is designed to get an accurate impression of early problem-solving skills, listening and expression, verbal and nonverbal reasoning, and early educational development.

Preparation for the Thinking and Engagement Assessment can occur at home by doing ordinary educational activities, playing, and reading. Some parents prefer to engage the help of a private tutor or educational consultant. The assessment covers skills that are commonly learned in both public and private preschool environments, and in some education-focused daycare centers.

Referral and First Choice Letters

The idea behind referral letters for a preschool-aged or kindergarten student may seem excessive to some parents. Others believe that these letters can effectively sway admissions directors at elite schools. If your family has history with a specific school, or is otherwise involved with the private institution directly, these types of letters may make a difference. However, do not waste time writing extensive treatises about your young son’s or daughter's skills to every private kindergarten on your consideration list.

First choice letters are another option that may influence some schools. You should only send out one of these letters to your absolute top pick or, as the name implies, your first choice. The kindergarten admissions process for some schools may include preferential treatment for an esteemed family that promises attendance if they are accepted. This is not true in all cases, however, and proper research or the help of a non-affiliated consultant can be beneficial.

Benefits of Private School Admissions Consulting

The entire process of private school admissions in New York City contains numerous steps, concerns, and questions that all point to one desired conclusion: gaining admission for your child into the best educational facility possible. To maximize their chances of starting off on the right foot, consider private school admissions consulting. Getting support and guidance throughout the process may maximize results and minimize the overall stress of the process.

Choose the Best Private School Admissions Consultant

While there is no specific criteria or certification to become an admissions consultant, that does not mean you cannot find one with the reputation and track record of success you deserve. Ignore unfounded claims by parents or former teachers who have no verifiable claim to be a successful consultant. Choose ones with experience, a high success rate, and stellar reviews from parents looking for the best educational opportunities for their children.

Cut Through Research Confusion

Busy parents who want their sons and daughters to attend the best private preschools, kindergartens, and primary schools in New York City may have limited time to research every option fully. A private school admissions consultant can help narrow down options based on the unique personality, abilities, and focus of your child and your family’s educational philosophy. It all starts by getting to know you and your children personally. When you share your goals and interests with a capable consultant, they are better equipped to guide your choices in the right direction.

A Professional Guide for Testing and Forms

Every part of the admissions process requires your careful attention. Getting into a high-quality NYC kindergarten demands more than the right answers on a form. Professional admissions consultants help with these standard procedures, as well as with crafting application essays or stories that grab attention, preparing for interviews and face-to-face or virtual testing, and maximizing the efficacy of things like referral letters and other points of contact. Intellect and scholastic ability are not the only factors that admissions directors take into consideration during the decision-making process. A consultant can guide a family to develop more effective representation to make the school's decide more easily in their favor.

Every situation is different, and every child deserves a unique opportunity to explore, advance, and succeed in school that makes sense for them. Independent and private schools in New York offer a wealth of opportunity. A school admissions consultant matches these opportunities with students in the best way possible to facilitate long-term success. They will work with the parents and the child to prepare them for the challenging process of applying, testing, interviewing, and more.

Give your child the best chance to explore learning opportunities and educational success with private school admissions in NYC. From the earliest days of research at age two or three, to the final graduation before they go off to an esteemed private university, every decision and choice makes a difference. Learn the ins and outs of successful kindergarten admissions and engage the help of a private school admissions consulting firm that has a track record of success. Your children are worth it!

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