Essential Back-to-school Gadgets

August 19, 2016

Gear up for the school year!


The start of the 2016-2017 school year is just around the corner, meaning that 180 days of long hours, huge stress, and crazy chaos are about to begin. Luckily for you, plenty of child-centric products are available that will help you make it through the madness of the back-to-school period. Here are our a few of our top picks to kick off the season:


GizmoGadget smartwatch



Why we like it: This sleek, colorful smartwatch is the perfect product for any child who is not yet old enough to have a cell phone or expensive smartwatch, but needs to remain in contact with loved ones throughout the day. Your little one can stay in touch with you during after-school activities by texting or calling you (or up to nine others) from their wrist. The coolest part? You control your child’s smartwatch with an app on your phone that also lets you see his or her location on a map.


Okra 360° Degree Adjustable Rotating Headrest Car Seat Mount Holder

$11.99 (originally 29.95)


Why we like it: This 360-degree tablet holder easily attaches within seconds to the back of a car seat, and can be adjusted to fit nearly any size tablet or e-reader. The rotating mount is very secure and protects from any shaking or bumping that may occur while driving. Next time you’re stuck in traffic on the way to/from school, pop on your child’s favorite show or movie and say “goodbye” to whining.


Gro-clock sleep-training clock



Why we like it: This playful training clock is perfect for children heading into pre-K or Kindergarten. Children will develop a healthy sleep cycle (that also allows you a proper night’s sleep) by watching stars fade from the clock face one-by-one. Upon seeing a smiling sun emerge, they are signaled to awaken. The clock can be set to two different times, allowing you to get your child onto the proper sleep schedule for school days, or for weekend nap times.


Using these products is sure to lead to less stress for you and your family throughout the school year, and more peace of mind. We hope you enjoy using these gadgets, and we wish you a great start to the season!


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