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The New ISEE and SSAT at Home Test - Testing is not going away

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB)has redesigned the ISEE private school test so students can take the test online in their own home using their own computers. The online test will be available for Grades 5-11th.

Using the student’s computer webcam or an external camera, the Prometric readiness agent will conduct a live scan of the room and desk area to confirm that the room meets security requirements. Then, the agent will perform a webcam security inspection of the student’s pockets, sleeves, accessories, and glasses if applicable.

Once the test starts, the ProProctor unique browser locks down the device that the student is using to control over the exam experience and to ensure that the student is unable to access any other programs or screen capture exam content.

For the duration of the test, a certified Prometric proctor will use the webcam to monitor the student. The student will not be able to see the Prometric Proctor but they will remain with the student the entire time and will be able to provide assistance at any point during the test or stop the test if test regulations are violated. The remote ISEE will have the same test structure and content as the in person test and scores still will be available in 2 days.

The SSAT has not yet posted details of their home version but it is coming soon. For students, the SSAT at Home will have the same content, length, and quality of our traditional SSAT.

NYC, Westchester and other private schools are continuing with standardized testing as an admissions standard. Given this, students should assume testing will continue albeit in a new format at home.

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